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Howard Hughes - Master Planning

Master Planning

We build for America. We do not plan developments but shape communities that, in turn, create a sense of place, home and sanctuary.

“The Howard Hughes Corporation is defined by our steadfast commitment to the master planned communities we develop and operate.”


Creating people magnets that attract a diverse mix of locals and outsiders.

Our town centers attract people and encourages them to linger and return. Restaurants, retail stores, open spaces and events work seamlessly together. We provide spaces to repose, connect with nature, pique curiosity, energize the soul, and drive meaningful connections. These emotional benefits are the guiding principles and blueprints of the best-in-class neighborhoods that promote creativity, collaboration, and culture.

Planned, Ambitious & Designed

Howard Hughes does not operate on five or ten-year timelines but on a timeline that extends fifty to one-hundred years. Through largescale planning, Howard Hughes creates intimate communities that transform large American cities by changing the lived experience. We develop on a massive scale, changing the landscape of America.

​We carry our founders’ vision of better living through design in every project, believing that people are indeed shaped by their environment and uplifted​ by good design.