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Howard Hughes - Spotlight On Hhhs Team Meet The Minds Shaping Real Estate

Spotlight on HHH’s Team: Meet the Minds Shaping Real Estate

A key to creating thriving communities is to have an engaged real estate development team behind the scenes. Meet the Howard Hughes Holdings’ team – a crew of visionary planners and pragmatic doers – each playing an instrumental role in turning real estate into spaces that resonate with life.

Leading with Foresight: Introducing the Captains

Cristina Carlson, Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Communications
Cristina Carlson
Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Communications

Cristina Carlson orchestrates an intricate communications plan vital to our corporate narrative. Working closely with executive leadership, Cristina guides how we interact with stakeholders while weaving threads of the brand story into conversations between stakeholders. Cristina serves as a pilot for our corporate communications platform to maintain consistent messaging throughout the Howard Hughes portfolio while simultaneously increasing media presence and strengthening industry standing – positioning Howard Hughes as an innovator of real estate development.

Jim Carman, President of the Houston Region
Jim Carman
President of the Houston Region

Jim Carman brings over two decades of construction and development experience to his role with projects valuing over $2.5 billion. Responsible for three master planned communities – The Woodlands, Bridgeland, and The Woodlands Hills – he is essential in overseeing residential and commercial growth. His impressive portfolio includes Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, Hughes Center and Tivoli Village in Las Vegas, and the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami.

L. Jay Cross, President
L. Jay Cross

Jay Cross oversees Howard Hughes Holdings’ renowned portfolio of master-planned communities and mixed-use developments. Leveraging his extensive background in real estate development and professional sports, Jay has led transformative projects that reinvigorate urban spaces across North America. Under his direction, these developments become more than simply structures; they serve as catalysts for community revitalization while embodying innovation to foster sustainable urban growth. His visionary approach has transformed cityscapes and improved the quality of life for residents and stakeholders in these vibrant yet evolving communities.

Andrew D. Davis, Senior Vice President, Head of Investments
Andrew D. Davis
Senior Vice President, Head of Investments

Andrew Davis is charged with managing Howard Hughes Holding’s investment strategy and engaging with capital markets. Davis plays an instrumental role in shaping our financial landscape, where his expertise in financial planning brings rich insight to Capital Allocation Committee decisions. Andrew makes sure Howard Hughes investments align with long-term strategic goals to grow financial strength and sustain long-term success for the company.

Peter G. Doyle, Executive Vice President, Development
Peter G. Doyle
Executive Vice President, Development

Peter G. Doyle has long been considered one of the premier authors in his field. Howard Hughes relies heavily on Peter to achieve our vision through the meticulous implementation of essential development projects. Through his hands-on involvement in planning and building over $5 billion worth of developments, Doyle demonstrates an exceptional depth of experience within the construction industry. His portfolio demonstrates this with projects of various sizes and types, reflecting his unique skill in handling large-scale developments with finesse and strategic insight.

Greg Fitchitt, Executive Vice President, Government Affairs and Business Development
Greg Fitchitt
Executive Vice President, Government Affairs and Business Development

Greg Fitchitt is an integral figure at Howard Hughes with more than two decades of real estate development, planning, and entitlements management experience, as well as community and government relations work. Fitchitt also brings considerable experience in leasing, design, and construction management to the HHH team, having led to the successful redevelopment of nine shopping centers throughout Washington State and Southern California prior to joining us in 2013. Notably, he spearheaded the Westfield UTC project in La Jolla, CA, to achieve entitlements for an impressive $1 billion LEED-ND Gold-certified mixed-use revitalization, successfully completing an initial $180 million phase in 2012. Under Westfield command alone, his projects total over $500 million in investment – a testament to his abilities.

Alex Hancock, Senior Vice President, National Sales and Leasing
Alex Hancock
Senior Vice President, National Sales and Leasing

With his visionary leadership style and vast industry knowledge, Alex Hancock spearheads developing a strategic national platform that expands outreach and business development – as well as seizing commercial opportunities across the nation. Hancock strives to take Howard Hughes Holdings to new heights by cultivating robust sales and leasing networks that support overarching goals while stimulating market expansion.

Eric Holcomb, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations
Eric Holcomb
Senior Vice President, Investor Relations

Eric Holcomb plays an essential role in overseeing Howard Hughes Holdings’ investor communication, orchestrating dialogue between stakeholders and prospective investors to outline our financial stability and growth prospects. His expertise helps shape this narrative that is central to Howard Hughes’ growth prospects. Eric leads by example to foster strong ties with the sell-side community, ensuring investment story transparency and building trust with investors. His strategic approach to investor relations helps the corporation remain relevant in the competitive real estate investment marketplace.

Doug Johnstone, President, Hawai'i
Doug Johnstone
President, Hawai’i

Doug Johnstone expertly manages the exceptional development, sales, and operations of Ward Village–an innovative 60-acre master planned community at Honolulu’s vibrant core. Prior to this role, Johnstone made waves when managing value-add redevelopments for Kamehameha Schools-Bishop Estate’s $3 billion portfolio. Prior to moving to Howard Hughes, he excelled as Vice President at Cyburt Hall Partners in Los Angeles where he handled opportunistic investments and developments together with institutional joint venture partners.

Randy Kostroske, Executive Vice President, Risk Management
Randy Kostroske
Executive Vice President, Risk Management

Randy Kostroske’s expertise is in commercial real estate. As an active participant on the Board’s Risk Committee, Randy’s involvement is instrumental in developing strategic plans and dissecting risks linked to publicly traded company assets. He is adept at crafting insurance policies for the company and leading his risk management team’s efforts to identify, anticipate, and mitigate potential threats before they emerge – an indispensable asset when safeguarding a $5 billion market cap company with assets throughout America.

Anton D. Nikodemus, Chief Executive Officer, Seaport Entertainment
Anton D. Nikodemus
Chief Executive Officer, Seaport Entertainment

Anton D. Nikodemus oversees award-winning entertainment sectors in both New York and Las Vegas. Nikodemus brings three decades of hospitality and entertainment industry leadership with a dedication to delivering exceptional guest experiences. Under his leadership, growth is fueled, operating performance-optimized, and innovative strategies identified for corporate expansion. Over his illustrious career, he has played an instrumental role in creating some of the travel industry’s most esteemed destination brands while marking his tenure with transformative developments and operational successes.

David R. O'Reilly, Chief Executive Officer
David R. O’Reilly
Chief Executive Officer

David O’Reilly is leading Howard Hughes Holdings on a path toward sustainable growth and value creation. His insightful leadership is essential in managing Howard Hughes’ diverse asset portfolio. Prior to becoming CEO, David’s astute financial expertise helped the company during his time as CFO since joining in 2016 (before becoming President). His forward-thinking approach helps cultivate Howard Hughes’ market presence, ensuring transformative development projects as well as community planning remain hallmarks of excellence for clients worldwide.

Gautami Palanki, Senior Vice President, ESG Strategy
Gautami Palanki
Senior Vice President, ESG Strategy

Gautami Palanki champions the integration of environmental, social, and governance principles into Howard Hughes Holding’s core operations. Her role is crucial in providing a sustainability framework across Howard Hughes master-planned communities and mixed-use properties. Her leadership ensures they exceed industry standards while setting new ones with regard to innovation and ethical stewardship – positioning Howard Hughes at the forefront of sustainable community-focused development.

Valerie Qualls, Senior Vice President, Capital Markets
Valerie Qualls
Senior Vice President, Capital Markets

Since her arrival at the firm in 2010, Valerie Qualls has been instrumental in driving its financial initiatives forward. She oversees project-level financing and key transactional initiatives to provide a strong financial basis that sustains their diverse portfolio of developments nationwide. Valerie’s in-depth knowledge and strategic focus on capital mobilization are integral to continued growth and success across a fiercely competitive real estate market. Her leadership within the capital markets team plays a significant role in creating long-term value for Howard Hughes Corporation.

Kristi Smith, President, Maryland Region
Kristi Smith
President, Maryland Region

Kristi Smith oversees an ambitious 14-million-square-foot plan to transform Downtown Columbia. Her vision for its urban core includes creating an inviting and attractive mix of residential, commercial, and cultural spaces. Before joining Howard Hughes in 2023, Kristi served as executive vice president at JBG SMITH, where she excelled at overseeing projects such as Amazon HQ2. With these experiences under her belt, she will help propel Columbia’s urban region forward.

Dr. Hope VonBorkenhagen, Chief People Officer
Dr. Hope VonBorkenhagen
Chief People Officer

Dr. Hope VonBorkenhagen embraces her role with the utmost commitment, placing great value on cultivating its most precious resource: its people. Her comprehensive strategy emphasizes talent development, competitive total rewards, and creating a transformative employee experience. Dr. VonBorkenhagen combines executive acumen and academic insight to lead with an innovative approach that aligns human resources with Howard Hughes’ broader growth ambitions. Her leadership ensures master-planned communities not only provide exceptional living spaces but also exceptional working environments – essential in cementing Howard Hughes as an employer of choice.

John Saxon, Chief of Staff
John Saxon
Chief of Staff

John Saxon provides essential assistance in carrying out strategic vision with Howard Hughes Holdings CEO David O’Reilly. With extensive investor relations expertise and seamless coordination between his efforts and those of the executive team, John’s role as Chief of Staff enables Howard Hughes’ vast portfolio to align with its growth objectives while strengthening corporate strategy overall. He plays an essential role in strengthening business insights while supporting national innovation plans.

Frank Stephan, President of the Nevada Region
Frank Stephan
President of the Nevada Region

Frank Stephan oversees Summerlin in the Nevada region – one of America’s premier master-planned communities. Frank brings over two decades of expertise and vision from New York and Los Angeles real estate markets, driving the development of the 22,500-acre community in Las Vegas Valley with meticulous precision. Frank has demonstrated an exceptional talent for managing complex developments through his prior roles with The Clarett Group West Coast Operations and Clarett West Development, serving as senior managing director and overseeing multi-million-square-foot projects successfully.

Evoking Spaces, Invoking Progress

HHH team members look beyond shaping buildings, they also curate experiences, foster communities, and predict the future of real estate. We welcome our readers and future patrons to share these inspiring tales of development. The Howard Hughes team strives to not only be architects of spaces, but leaders in innovation in the real estate industry. Together, let’s celebrate and uphold those shaping real estate through social platforms. The HHH team is not simply creating spaces – they are creating tomorrow’s heritage today!