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Howard Hughes - What To Look For When Investing In A Corporate Office Space

What to Look for When Investing in a Corporate Office Space

Although there is risk in any investment, those looking for stable returns and consistent long-term growth may benefit from investing in commercial real estate. We’ve put together a guide that offers insight and strategies for investors who are considering corporate office buildings as their new asset class. Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to the market, there is much to consider when it comes to investing in a commercial office building.

How and where CEOs locate their offices are key considerations. In most cases, Class-B office space in legacy/high-cost markets is more expensive than new, more attractive and highly-amenitized Class-A space in the communities of Howard Hughes. And as the developer with Entitlements/Site Development Plans in place, Howard Hughes can accelerate your relocation process trimming years from timelines. From lease signing to occupancy in 12-24 months versus 5-8 years.

Upgrade your space. Improve employee morale. Boost profitability. Invest in corporate office space with Howard Hughes.


Commercial real estate investment will only thrive if there are local amenities to appeal to those who work there. A building full of tenants without transportation, nearby shopping, parking, green spaces, and dining options will not thrive. The goal is to create a vibrant, mixed-use environment. With the right amenities, your corporate office space will appeal to tenants and visitors alike.

Growth Potential

Before you invest in anything, whether it’s real estate or stocks, you have to assess the growth potential. There are many factors to consider specific to corporate real estate, including the projected local population growth and the economic outlook of the area. Future corporate office space growth is crucial so you must also assess the development potential and the pipeline for new office spaces in the area. In a market with huge growth potential, investors may benefit from the expansion of a region and higher ROI.

Insights and Market Trends

By following market trends, you can make informed investment decisions. In addition, with a rise of flexible office space and new technology that impacts design, you can ensure that you are investing in something more sustainable. Our properties, for example, meet those needs. There is a rising trend toward ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance), and sustainable office space should be at the top of any investor’s priority list. The goal is to incorporate the right designs, concepts and features that match the trends you’re aiming to follow.


We’ve mentioned sustainability several times for a good reason. Choosing a sustainable building is vital to the future of your business and your investment to ensure that it will offer more to employees and those renting space. Your corporate office building investment should offer innovative design, high-quality construction and be based in a strategic location in a great business community.

Real Estate Track Record

The final consideration surrounds the track record of the real estate company you use for corporate office space. When you invest in properties that are developed by reputable companies, you can choose corporate office space that makes sense for your business goals. You want to choose a real estate company with sound management practices and added confidence in the potential for success of the investment.


Investing in corporate office space takes a thorough understanding of the investment objectives of your business, the fundamentals of the property and the market overall. It can be a very rewarding investment strategy for those who are seeking a stable return on their investment and long-term growth.

Property quality, growth potential and market trends are all important considerations for any investor. These considerations ensure that you can make better decisions that align with your investment goals, maximizing your long-term investment and securing your position as a corporate office space investor. Your reputation as a property owner will remain intact by making informed decisions that align with your overall investment goals.

Maximizing the potential for long-term success is vital. When you consider location, amenities and growth potential, you can make the right decisions. At Howard Hughes Holdings, you can gain attractive investment opportunities that align perfectly with your overall goals. You’ll also be able to make a commitment to sustainability, which is vital for success.

We pride ourselves in putting people first, creating offices and spaces people want to be in. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our properties to assist with your investment journey.